Two-Part Fall Cycle Grant Applications 

Below, are the two Applications that make up the Foundation's Two-Part Fall Grant Cycle. These are copies only — to actually apply, you need to click on the link at the bottom of our website's Apply page, once the cycle has begun, Monday, August 26. 


Part 1: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)


Proposed Project: 

Briefly describe the proposed project. In particular, please discuss how the grant funds will be utilized. (Note: The Foundation is interested in funding a standalone project or large purchase, rather than operating expenses.)


Funding Sources: 

List any other support, financial and in-kind, that the project has attracted. 


Please include a detailed budget of the proposed project. The budget is one of the major factors in our decision-making — the more detailed the information, the better.


Please upload a copy of your organization’s 501(c)3 form. 



Part 2: Finalist Application


Previous Support: 

List any previous support received from The Virginia and Alfred Harrell Foundation (formerly, the Bakersfield Californian Foundation), in the last 5 years, and what programs that support funded.


Success Measurement:

How will the success of the proposed activity be measured? 


Mission Statement: 
Briefly summarize the organization’s mission statement and its history. Please also touch on how the proposed project will tie into this mission.


Additional Information:

Is there any additional information you feel we ought to know?


Supporting Documents — Board Members:

Please provide us with a list of names of your organization’s governing board.